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Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins

As a writer, one of the smartest things we can do is follow those who are further along our path. One such writer that I’ve been following for several years is Jeff Goins. He’s had five best books, and they weren’t in obscure categories. He recently did a three-part series on the important things he’s learned as, an author, which I watched on video. He’s also put these lessons into blog posts and podcast episodes. Those videos will be at the end of this post along with the blog and podcast links.


Who Is This Jeff Goins Dude?

For this part, I’m just going to let Jeff speak for himself. Here’s a couple of quotes straight from his about page: (out of order, because I thought it reads better this way on here)

Originally from Chicago, I moved to Nashville after graduating from college and spending a year traveling with a band. In college, I studied Spanish and Religion and spent part of my Junior year in Spain, which unlocked a passion for travel, writing, and making a difference in the world.

I’ve written four books including The Art of Work (March 2015), teach online courses (including the popular Tribe Writers), and am pretty sure I make the world’s best guacamole.

I believe we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world. And that is our art.  I want to help you get that work out and into the world and help convince you that you don’t have to starve to do it.Jeff Goins on himself

Some Reading Recommendations

If you’re going to read anything by Jeff, I’d recommend starting with You’re A Writer, So Start Acting Like One. It’s in Kindle Unlimted at the time of this writing, so you can check it out free. It’s one of the first things I read from him. Also, his first best seller, if memory serves. (Full transparency: Links in this article to books and some products are affiliate links. This means I get a small commission without affecting your price or the author’s royalties.) I’m really wanting to read The Art of WorkIf you read it first. let me know what you think!

For something quicker to read, but with as much potential, check out 10 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Writing a Book. This actually has about 20 tips, and you can download the PDF in exchange for your email. All the tips are great, in my opinion, but I like the bonus ones best. A couple of my favorites include starting a blog early (that’s pretty obvious, I suppose) and writing something shorter before you tackle a full-on novel. His video series has a lot to say about his first ten tips, so they go together like peanut butter and jelly (cliche but my favorite sandwich!).

Jeff on Writing

His lessons on writing from the videos are pretty simple yet powerful. He tells you the secret to writing a great book (spoiler: It’s a great idea!). He gives you ideas on how to capture those great ideas and how to test them. I am already thinking about which ten friends and acquaintances I can give my idea a test drive with…so look out! 😉

His second video will explain what writers probably already know… Writing IS work! He calls it manual labor and equates it to working at the factory. In some ways, I agree. However, I also know that those moments of flow (inspiration, muse, etc) are so much more than manual labor. The getting there is a royal pain. I’m actually struggling with it now, to tell the truth. My biggest take away here (which I’ve heard and read a million times before) is to get my butt in the seat and just write. Seriously, I need to write more crap so I can find the good stuff!

His final bit of advice in this series talks about how everything we do as writers is marketing. He defines marketing as the spreading of ideas. When we look at it like that, it’s not so icky. I’m sure not the person to be in your face, doing the used car sales mam, “Buy My Shit ” routine! He gives some tips on how to market as a creative. I think the best of his tips here is “Make small promises and keep them.” It’s one area where I need much improvement!

My To Do List From This Series:

  1. Put Butt In Seat and Write
  2. Set a daily goal for that writing
  3. Set up a system to start capturing my ideas
  4. Find something to put “the copycat strategy” into effect with
  5. Start following through on my small promises
    5a. Write blog posts on schedule
    5b. Send great emails to my peeps
    5c. Be active on social media and actually get to know people
    5d. Complete the short stories I have committed to having done in January.
  6. Figure out what is interesting about me and put that to the forefront.

Jeff’s Talks on Facebook (plus other links to this info)

After all that jibber jabber, I know you are more than ready to see his advice first hand. Each of the videos is about an hour long but worth taking the time to watch. The posts feel a bit more condensed to me, but they are pretty much the same as the notes I took. (Does that mean I got it right? LOL). So without further ado, here are those videos and blog posts (the podcasts are right in the posts).

The Secret To Writing A Great Book

Read Here

Writing Is Manual Labor

Read Here

Everything We Do Is Marketing

Read Here

Want to connect with Jeff Goins on Social Media?

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Jeff Goins Podcast

Your Turn

What authors do you follow? Not just for advice, but who do you love to read? Tell me in the comments!
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Spotlight on Jeff Goins
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Spotlight on Jeff Goins
JM Weiner gives some recommended reads from Jeff Goins as well as his video series that details his biggest take aways on being a successful author.

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