Personal Update: Healing and rethinking

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Hello, friends!
Long over due update. The hubby and I have been home for almost a month after his 10 day stay in the hospital after surgery. He had an abscess in a very sensitive area. It’s gone and he’s healing well. The incision is nearly closed!
I am still struggling with this daily headache. I’m trying to figure out my ways to work around it. I need to start writing. Actually, I need to start planning for NaNoWriMo. Click the link to learn everything you could ever want to know. However, the short version is that a bunch of crazy people congregate via internet (and sometimes in person) to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Usually fiction and a new story, but many are rebels who make their own rules. If you’re going to be crazy with us, I’d love for you to click this and add me as a buddy.
Also, I will be revising my schedule for posting going forward. I didn’t make the last one at all. Life got in the way. Health is also a factor. So I need to be more realistic. I’m thinking a podcast twice a month, and a total of two to three posts a week including the podcast on those weeks there is a new episode.
I’d love for you to help me out in knowing what you are interested in from authors–more specifically, new authors. Two ways to do that! The first is to comment below. The second is to take a survey I have (all questions are optional, but  I can better serve you when you answer most to all of them.)
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