Nanowrimo Prep, Halloween, and More

So, it’s Preptober (October is prep month for people doing NanoWrimo). My prep is seriously lacking. I may end up pantsing this year. If I get to write at all. Sharing a computer with a college student is not very conductive to writing! I hate writing with pen and paper, mainly because my handwriting is as bad as a doctors! If your a Wrimo, you can add me!

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It’s also my favorite time of year… Halloween! It’s such an underrated holiday! It’s also¬†Bill¬†(<–click to go to his blog) and my anniversary…4 years. Who would have ever though it.
I am also still coping with too many headache days. I guess that would explain my lack of Nano Prep. If you have any good tips for prepping for Nano or for writing in general, please share in the comments. Or email me me.
I had more in mind to write about when I started this post, but brain is not happy that I am writing at all. I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite Iheart Radio playlists.. Halloween themed of course!
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