NaNoWriMo 2018: My Dream Cast and A Map

I spent most of today working on figuring out the world my novel is set it. Go, Go Pantsing! I have hit the 5k mark, but that leaves me today’s (November 4) word count behind. I should be able to hit that in an hour or so, depending on how much my characters fight me.
So far, I know what needs to be done to get my two main characters, Zavier/Arimir and Ren, to the end. Just figuring out how to get there is proving to be a winding road. So far I have made it to the end of day 1! I am thinking it will take me six months to put this story into a decent form.
I do know who I’d like to plan my two main characters! Check it out!

My Zavier/Arimir
Okay, so he’s the actor du jour for now. But I had the biggest crush on him since season one of Game Of Thrones. I’m just saying. He’d have to wear a lot of makeup though! This character is currently ebony black skinned (like an obsidian rock) and has violet eyes!
My Ren!
I loved her as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and am eagerly awaiting the sequel! She is also very dark skinned and violet-eyed in the book.
Untitled design
This is my novel’s world. Made up place names anagrammed from Gaelic place names.
Now, this is where they live. Like the whole world. I still have to figure out where they start out at.
Now to make a playlist to share with ya’ll. Here’s one I listen to a lot during word wars.
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