My Answers to the Super Specific Liebster Awards, Even If I Wasn't Nominated!

I was browsing through the WordPress reader and found this post about the Super Specific Liebster Awards. I was not nominated, but I thought some of the questions very cool. I answered them in the comments, then decided to bring them here for your perusal. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to answer any or all of them in the comments!
-Ask your best friend/significant other to make an annoying animal sound. How did they react, and what animal did they imitate
He asked for clarification, then told me me the screeching of a spider monkey is annoying
–*POOF* I am your barista. Order your favorite coffee shop beverage exactly as you would in real life.
Hey, baby, bring me some coffee too please.
–Do numbers have personalities in your mind? If so, tell me about the personality of the number 6. What’s it’s story? What kind of disposition does it have?
Not Really.
–What is your favorite movie title? Not your favorite movie, just the title, irrespective of the quality of the film.
The Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind
–Story time! Your best friend suddenly finds themselves in the body of your least favorite animal. Craft a story of five sentences or less with this unfortunate predicament as a central plot mechanic. Bonus points if it’s the same animal they chose to imitate.
I almost killed my hubby. He was a spider at the time. the only reason I knew is because of the shaved head and goatee. It looked really weird on the spider, so I stopped and caught him. Guess my spell worked, but on the wrong person!
—Tell me. Do Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo?
Sometimes, I suppose, but normally its NYC buffalo buffaloing Buffalo Buffalo.
–Tell us about the most boring game show you could ever imagine.
my imagination is not fueling too well right now… but let’s see… uhm, bird watching games for money.
–Useless Superpower Bedbug: The Return!
Which of the following useless superpowers would choose and why?
– The ability to randomly add cat meows to every song on the radio
– The ability to randomly add the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story to even the most intense of any movie scene
-The ability to randomly add Owen Wilson saying “WOW” to any line of dialog in a video game
The last one.. It seems the most funny.
–What is the hexadecimal color code for your favorite color?
–On a scale of one to 15,742.58, how do you feel about these super specific questions?
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