Learning Your Craft: Books On Writing

typewriter-801921_1920Writing, like any innate skill, improves with practice. As writers, we should continue our education by reading what we want to write as well as reading books on the craft. We can also check out books to inspire us or to help us with the technical aspects of writing, publishing and promoting our works.
Today I bring you a list of my favorite writing reads. They can help you with your story as well as with inspiration, editing and promotion.

NOTE: Links provided are affiliate links, meaning I will get a portion of the sale without changing your price. I am also linking to print books, where availble. Feel free to change to ebook, if you wish. Click the book cover to read more!

You can’t have a list of writing books without this gem from the master of horror:

Writing Craft


Promotion, Editing, and More

So, those are my favorite writing craft books. Comment with your own favorites!

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