JM Reccomends

JM Recommends
This page will have some of my favorite author-y things! Some may be affiliate links, which just means the seller gives me a small portion of the sale without passing that on to the buyer. It helps me get through rough times financially and support my writing, blogging and podcasting.


Helping Writers Become Authors
Here is where author KM Weiland shares her insights on writing. She has a great series of books for writers. If you read on the page, you’ll find out how to join her super awesome Facebook group for writers, which I highly recommend!
The Creative Penn
Author Joanna Penn (fiction written as JF Penn) shares insights on writing as well. She also has a pod cast and some cool free resources.
Positive Writer
Author Bryan Hutchinson writes about writing. Imagine that! He’s got some good books, and does an annual writing contest. Be sure to check him out.


Writing Craft


Promotion, Editing, and More