What I Need On My Desk To Write Happy #IWSG

Not MY writing space, but it does have a few of the requirements!

Insecure Writer’s Support Group Blog Hop: Our Writing Space

So, we’re talking about writing spaces today. It’s the optional question for the blog hop I’m participating in today. We Insecure Writers have our Support Group blog hop on the first Wednesday of each month. Go to the link for the blog hop for all the info and to add yourself for next month!

Now, my writing space (excuse me while I laugh for a few minutes). Phew! Okay, I’m better. I don’t have a specific writing space. EVER. Usually, I’m sitting on my couch with the laptop in front of me. Not very good on my back. Sometimes I may try sitting on the floor. It’s in a little better for the back, but the bottom suffers. I’m beginning to think this is what is mean when people refer to suffering for their art!

I’m not upset at all. I do find it humorous when people (usually other indy writers) tell us to have a dedicated space to write to help get your brain ready to go. Don’t I wish some days. But this way I have my distractions. The TV. The cats. The husband. *wink, wink* Not sure what I’d do with an actual space where all I did there was write. It would probably gather dust…and cat fur!

My Writing Space Top 5

However, there are some things you will find with me no matter when I am writing! We were asked to list five, so here are my top five writing space must haves:

  1. Laptop
    This is for writing. Quick research (what else means dumb…don’t want to be rude ya know).
  2. Beverage, preferably Dr. Pepper or coffee.
    Caffeine! I live on it some weeks. Others, I hardly touch it in comparison. But I must have something to drink at all times. Otherwise, I hack and cough like I have the flu!
  3. Cigarettes and their accouterments.
    My worst habit. But I don’t want to let it go at this time. Maybe someday. Helps me think, or so I tell myself.
  4. Music
    Sometimes with lyrics. Sometimes without. Helps me to have some kind of noise to quiet the inner editor!
  5. Notebook and something to write with.
    For the occasional note to self. Or the new plot or character that doesn’t belong in what I’m currently working on. Get it out of my head so I don’t go nuts trying to stay on track!

So, that’s my writing space. The coffee table. Rather fitting most days! Also, a few things that are regularly with me when I am actually writing on purpose. I won’t go into the clutter that my coffee table holds most days. I’ll plead research if you make me tell you!


What Now?
  • Go to one of the other bloggers in this hop (there’s a long list below) and read their post for today!
  • Leave me a comment about what you have in your writing or reading space. I’m interested to see what we have in common!
  • You could also subscribe for updates on my blog and more at the very, very, very bottom. Under all the hop links.


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