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Today I am presenting you a personal essay as part of the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer. I have enjoyed Bryan’s books and posts for a long time. Please explore his site. Also, consider entering the contest!

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I have always lived with a lot of self-doubt. I have depression and anxiety. I live with chronic headaches/migraines. To say these make the self-doubt even worse is an understatement. There are more days than not when I can hardly get out of bed. Writing….Ha! I haven’t written anything new in years. But I will. Because I, just like you, am more than enough. I am perfectly imperfect and do the best I can.
Each of us has demons we are dealing with. Some are more easy to best than others. But we are all on our own hero’s journey. Setbacks will happen, but they only have as much power as we give them! This is true of writing and every other thing we pick up in our lives. Even relationships!
So, how do we know we are at least enough? It’s pretty simple. So simple, it seems absurd. You just decide you are good enough, smart enough, pretty/handsome enough, just plan enough. You hold on to that like it’s life because it really is. Then submit your writing to contests. Or post it on a blog like this one! Put it up on Wattpad. Share your stories with the world, so they too can see they are enough.

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However, be sure not to tie your self-worth or the worth of your writing to how people react to what you’ve shared with them. Just as you do not like everything written, not everyone will like what you have written. Take the critiques that resonate with you and use them to improve. Enough is good but has room to improve, ya know!
Then you just repeat…write, share, write, share, check out reactions and incorporate those that matter, write, share…Ad infinitum! You will find your confidence in your writing (or other endeavors) growing with each step. You will find you get more positive feedback than negative. You will make friends who do the same thing you do but in their own way. You will find that your belief that you are enough is self-fulfilling, like most beliefs. So, believe the best of yourself and do the best you can each day. There will be days when nothing seems to get done, and that is OK! Just remember, self-care is always the top priority. And don’t be hard on yourself for knowing your limits. You’ll do fine when you are able. And know I am in your corner. You can contact me anytime, through the social media links on this site and my contact page. Let’s rock this thing, together!
<3 JM
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