Bullet Journal: My BuJo Experience this week (plus resources)

So, if you’ve been on my Instagram or my Pinterest account, you may have noticed I’ve got a new thing for bullet journaling. It’s a creative way to corral your life. You can use it as a planner/calendar, journal, list keeper, and more. Thanks to Juneta Key for having her writer’s corner with so much awesomeness, including bullet journal resources and a great selection of podcasts for writers!


 This article looks LONG. However, there’s not a lot of reading. I’ve got some videos, a Pinterest board of mine, and some listly lists for your perusal. Feel free to bookmark or otherwise save this for when you have time to check out the resources. Also, I did not check every link in the listly lists. I’m sorry if any of them don’t work. 


What is this crazy Bullet Journaling thing?

There are a ton of explanations out there. Mine would be noobish at best, so here are a few videos that do a great job.

This first one is from the man who originally created the concept, Ryder Carroll. This is the most minimal way most people use Bullet Journals.

Next is a playlist showing how one lady sets up her bullet journal. Keep in mind, these can be a simple or as complex as you want. There’s 3 videos.

You can read about the minimal method of the creator at the official website. You can also get a cool “cheat sheet” for an email address there.

I’ve also been collecting BuJo ideas over on Pinterest. Here’s the board, if you’re interested. It includes other how to type articles.

Here’s a few listly lists for more inspiration.


YouTube Channels


Instagrammers to Follow


My Experience From One Week Using The BuJo Method

I am currently using a small notebook I just had laying around and a plain old pen. I find the future log helps me not forget appointments and other important events or tasks. It’s more convenient than my Google Calendar app in that I can easily see all the events in the month. I’m digging this a lot.

The daily pages, for me, are just okay so far. I’m just jotting down odds and ends for now. Collections seem like they will be more helpful for me. Also, Trackers. I am branching out into trackers. I added a sleep tracker to see how much or little I am actually sleeping. I’m using collections to keep up with creative ideas, blog post ideas, songs/books/movies lists, and to track symptoms of my chronic illnesses. I think I need to make an actual tracker for that instead of just listing out what I’m feeling that day.

I am finding that I am using it most days. I’m adding tasks and events pretty often. I also use it to see what’s coming up a lot. I do want to get a dot grid notebook and try making some pretty layouts. Mine will probably never be as pretty so some you’ll see on YouTube or Instagram. I’m okay with that.

Your Turn

How to do you keep with and organize your life? Does BuJo sound like something that might work for you? Please let me know in the comments!

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Bullet Journal: My BuJo Experience this week (plus resources)
Article Name
Bullet Journal: My BuJo Experience this week (plus resources)
JM Weiner shares resources and her experience with the Bullet Journal. She includes YouTube videos and channels, blogs, and Instagrammers to inspire you.

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: My BuJo Experience this week (plus resources)

    • January 2, 2019 at 4:10 PM

      Thanks for stopping by, Donna. I hope you find somethinng you can use in these resources. My BuJo is pretty helpful so far, and I’m hoping to get something a little bigger and re later this month to make doing the Monthly and Weekly easier to do and read!


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