24 Romantic Date Night Ideas: That Won’t Kill Your Budget

24 Romantic Date Night Ideas: That Won’t Kill Your Budget

With the demands of everyday living growing, it seems impossible to find time to spend with those who are important to us. However, in order to keep a committed relationship solid and happy, we must MAKE that time!

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Relationship experts recommend we make time for our spouse or significant other by going on date nights. Most recommend we do so once a week. But coming up with 52 ideas each and every year is hard! Dinner and a movie get boring and expensive! What is a loving couple to do?

Never fear! This short but idea-packed read will start you off with 24 inexpensive ideas for dates with your spouse that are inexpensive, fun, and romantic! Each idea can be modified to suit your relationship style or just to give it a new twist when you’ve used it a time or two!

You will also get links to extra ideas on the web that you can add to your arsenal. You will come away with years of date night ideas. Add a few tweaks and you could possibly come up with decades worth of ideas!

If you’re struggling to keep that new love feeling, this book is for you! If you and your partner are drifting apart, this book is for you! If you’re in any kind of romantic, committed relationship (or want to be!)–this book is for you!

Series: No BS Relatioship Talk, Book 2

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