About JM

20617018_1957402774540486_6465512935433154163_o┬áHi! I’m JM Weiner, your host! I have published two non-fiction romance books under my full name Jennifer Weiner. I’m using my initials when writing fiction so I won’t be confused with the other Jennifer Weiner.
I am married to an amazing man. It was 4 years Halloween 2018! He is a cook13690752_10209856299507038_5710823290630721424_n.jpg by trade, and studying creative writing. He’s a poet who will be publishing a short free sampling soon! He’s special in so many ways. He does have Asperger’s syndrome, and well as some other difficulties. He’s amazing for handling all of that so well!

Rhiannon Kitty

We have two fur babies, Isis and Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a ball of energy at 4 months old. Isis is the almost stoic “sister” at about a year and 4 months. Rhiannon bugs her sister for which she often gets a swift swat of the paw. They play a lot–sometimes I can’t tell who is trying to kill who! Luckily they both stop before either is hurt.

Isis Kity